Friday, 9 November 2012

Style and fashion

Style and fashion:-

  • When in the opinion of a large group of people, a particular Style is popular, that style becomes a fashion.
                            ---- Cundiff and Still

  • A fashion is any style which is popularly accepted and purchased by several successive groups of people over reasonably long period of time.
                                                                                           ----- Stanton

  • Style is defined as characteristic or distinctive mode or method of expression, presentation or conception in the field of some art.
                                                                                    ----- P.H.Nystorm

Theory of fashion:-

Trickle down theory- When the new products are proposed or offered to the high class family or a reputed person for sale called Trickle down theory of fashion.

Trickle across theory- When the new products are offered to the any type of social class for sale called trickle across theory of fashion.