Monday, 19 November 2012

"Q" Score

"Q" Score:-

  • Developed in 1963 by Marketing Evaluation Inc., an American company
  • Q score is influenced by both people’s familiarity with the subject and their favourability towards it.
  • It is widely used for selecting the right celebrity endorser for brand advertisement.
  • The Q score answers the question “how appealing is the person among those who know him or her?”
  • First the respondents are asked to indicate two things- whether they seen or heard about the selected celebrity? Secondly, if yes , then  the respondents are asked to rate the celebrities on a scale that includes-
    1. One of my favourites, 2. Very good, 3. Good, 4. Fair, 5. Poor,
               6.      Never heard.
        Then after marketing companies suggest celebrity name to companies for brand  advertisement.