Thursday, 7 February 2013

Internet Marketing Mix: Is it beyond of 4Ps/7Ps?

4Ps refers to Product, Price, Place and Promotion. It is traditional marketing concept and known as tools of Marketing Management. It works operational point of view, controlled by marketers. 4Ps are focused on internal variables, so, it seems as tool of Physical Marketing Management .Strategic point of view there is something drawbacks in it. Strategic concept is more customers centric. When customers become more valuable, then, the tool to deal with market is 7Ps (Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Participants/ People, Process, and Physical evidence).

First four Ps are controlled by Marketers but last three Ps can not be controlled, because there is more participation of Customers and together represents service mix.

 Internet market is different from physical market, it is virtual market, products are here intangible, the success is depends upon experience of the customers. Even all Ps acts at the same place i.e. at Web Page of the company. We can say everything available in a same plate.

 Web marketing depends not only upon Strategic and Operational factors but also Organisational and Technological factors. So we can not deal this market with 4Ps or 7Ps.

There is a concept of 4Ss for Internet market. Like 4Ps, that is a tool for Internet marketing.

4Ss are  Scope, Site, Synergy, and System.

Scope-Deals with strategic issues and defines objective of the web site /Company.

 Market analysis (competition, competitors, market strength, etc.), Information about customers (profile and behaviour of the costumers), Internal analysis (resources, work and profile of the executives) and Role of the web site (type of the web site; educational, informational, promotional, etc.) comes under it.

Site- Deals with operational issues and defines   web experiences of the customer.

 Like domain name, contents, simplicity, navigation, personalisation and customisation etc. In the other words, Site represents all the matter about 4Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion).

Synergy- Deals with integration issues and defines integration between and with in Front office (market with marketing activities), Back office (web site with organisational process and database) and Third party (responsible for commercials, logistics and site activities).

System- Deals with technological issues and defines Web site administration, recent technology or required technology (soft ware, hard ware, payment system and protocols, etc.)

 So, marketing mix point of view Internet marketing mix is beyond of 4Ps/7Ps.