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Missing links in Education System

Missing links in Education System


Q. Why India is still a developing country and what is stopping it from being a developed country? (This particular question strikes me every time.)

Ans.   Indian Education System.

          It is based upon British Colonial Education System (Macaulay’s Minute) came in 1835 to produce Scribes. And that was conspiracy with India.

Missing links at School level:-

      ·        Teachers are not trained. They are not psychologically firmed.

·        Untrained teachers  are 54.91% in private, compared to 44.88% in government schools.

·        No. of Teachers are below the par.

·        Still they believe in traditional approach of teaching. They believe in stopping of questions instead of answering.

·         They don’t give equal opportunity to students, they believe in favour.

·        Max. Student come to school only for showing.

·        Subjects are not well described among students.

·        Students are not focused

·        There is lack in infrastructure of schools.

·         59% of the schools had no drinking water and 89% had no toilets.

·        Private schools are very expensive and do far from poor.

·        Different School Examination Boards having different examination patterns, which create disparity among students.

Missing links at College level:-

·        Teachers are not well qualified, in colleges there is need of PHD scholars.

·        57% of college professors having lack either a master's or PhD degree

·        No. of teachers don’t want to teach.

·        Teachers only teach subjects not its applications.

·        If they be on contract, they are poorly paid.

·        90 per cent of our colleges are rated as below average on quality parameters.

·        Students are not self motivated about studies.

·        They always influenced by their peers.

·        They select their courses as per their friends and choose in group.

·        Syllabuses are not well designed.

·        There are a lot of structural disparity among syllabus of different streams (Arts, Commerce, Science, Medical, Engineering).

·        85% of general graduates are unemployable.

·        75% of technical graduates are unemployable

·        And more than  57% of MBAs are unemployable.

·        Examination patterns of Universities are not good; it is moreover easy writing type.

·        Appointments, including that of vice-chancellors, have been politicised and have become subject to caste and communal considerations, there are complaints of favouritism and corruption

Missing link at Research level:-

  • Students are not motivated about Research level studies.
  • Since Research is cumbersome task so, students don’t want to do; even they don’t think to do.
  •  University (max.) don’t give stipends to their Research Scholars.
  • For doing research work there is need of good Guides but they are not available.
  • Guides (max.) expect favour always from Scholars.
  • Maximum researches are just copy-pest work.


For Parents:-

·        Parents’ participation is necessary for building of future of our country.

·        They should understand their children motivation.

·        They should not force for making choice, but should give suggestions.

·        This is marketing era, so schools and colleges are also acting like profit making institutions, so Parents should not take part in blind race.

·        Parents should not only praise result but also efforts.

For Teachers:-

·        Teaching is like social work then after profession; if teachers having some other motive then they should not come in this profession.

·        Teaching is above than any profession; because it effects directly to the society. They should not be biased.

·        Teachers should be trained and well paid.

·        At college level, Teachers should be UGC-NET qualified/or having PHD.

·        Teaching is an art so teacher should teach in innovative style; pictorial way of teaching is very good.

·        Teacher should make cordial relationship with students.

For Students:-

  • Students should bear good moral and character.
  • They should obey instructions of teachers.
  • They should make good relations with teachers.
  • For making choice of subjects they should conscious and then after they should be firm over there.
  •  Students should think about some social responsibility.
  • Students should think about Research work and higher studies.

For Syllabus:-

  • Syllabus should be up to date as per international level.
  • In Arts subjects there should of application part.
  • Each subject should be designed as per Case study basis. So that there should be equal importance of all the streams.
  • A few subjects like Philosophy, Psychology, and Sociology etc. should not teach at Junior college level. These are much matured subjects than students.
  • Graduation should be of 4 years and semester wise.

For Examination and Evaluation  pattern:-

  • Examination should be faire and free from the entire flaw.
  • Today’s Examination pattern only judges IQ of the student, but we are made up of the IQ, PQ and EQ.
  • Questions should be both subjective and objective.
  • Marks should give on percentile basis. Grading system is also good there.
  • There should be open book system in examination.

For governing Bodies:-

  • For managing the things governing bodies are most important.
  • Governing bodies should take guard about political interference in Educational institutes.
  • Ragging should be abolishing from educational campus.
  • They should always ready about new positive initiatives.
  • They should be careful about Educational session and publishing of result.



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