Monday, 28 January 2013

Company-Supplier-Vendor relationship

Vendors and suppliers are very important for any business. This service provides a safe hand to build awareness and delivery of product or services to the customers and do add value to the business. All business should maintain good relationship with vendor and supplier and in long run without mutual benefit it never works. So, mutual benefit is necessary for building strong relationship. In this competitive scenario this becomes vital.

The foundation of good relationship depends upon Respect, Trust, Mutual benefits and Fairness from both sides.

There are many facts in a vendor and supplier relationship to getting the perfect deal.
The facts are;
What is in it for me,
What is in it for our relationship for long run,
What do matters to my business,
Can they deliver at promised time or within time interval.


  1. You have shown this relationship in a easy way to understand.
    Thank you.

  2. Thanks Neeraj to appreciate me.I always try to represent the matters in easy ways, so that any one can understand without any professional degrees/diplomas.

  3. very lucid and clear presentation.
    could you also add some examples where this has been followed and results have been tremendous.

    1. I will try to introduce some examples in my next article, but i always try to write articles in comprehensive style so that anyone can understand and can read in a few minutes